American Beach

We decided to visit the largest sand dune in Florida 

it was well within our reach

just a few miles drive from where we were camping

at a place called American Beach.


And we saw the largest sand dune in Florida 

which of course is what we went there for

but in visiting American Beach

we got the sand dune…and so much more.


There was a time, a sad time in our history

one part of some of our darkest days and nights

When African Americans were allowed to swim in the ocean…

just not allowed to swim there with the whites.


Abraham Lincoln Lewis wanted his employees to have a beach 

so American Beach was created

giving African Americans a place to swim

all-be-it to swim segregated.


For many years American Beach thrived

until segregated beaches were needed no more

when the Civil rights act was finally passed…back n 1964.


The sand dune is all that’s left of American Beach

that and a few trees and grasses swaying in the breeze

but also posted at the site are some photos

of children, of churches and families.


When you see these pictures…when you look at the dune

and think of where all these African Americans sat

you think to yourself…children and churches and families

it doesn’t get any more American than that!


And you wonder as you see these segregated African American families

In frame after frame after frame

If there will come a time in this country

where all people see all people the same.


So as we stood near the largest sand dune in Florida

and were reminded of the wickedness of Jim Crow..

we prayed we never make the same mistakes again


that we made only a short time ago.

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