We were blessed to visit with our grandchildren 

and had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day

We ate, we laughed, we played a game

before they went on their way.


Two of our grandchildren are at the University of Florida

Three if you count Damiens girlfriend Trista (and we do)

and we make a point to visit them in Gainesville

whenever we’re passing through.


Yesterday we were on our way to Jacksonville

to camp at Amelia Island State Park

We were not in a big hurry  

but we wanted to arrive there before dark.


The road took us through Gainesville 

and it doesn’t take a whiz

tTo know that Gainesville, Florida

Is where the University of Florida is.


A perfect chance to see our grandchildren

And here again it doesn’t take a whiz

To know that Gainesville, Florida

is also where a Bojangles is.


We had a difficult decision 

I’m sure you would agree

Stop and see our grandchildren

Or have a biscuit and sweet tea.


Stop and say hi to our grandchildren

(at their various stages of growth)

Or stop and enjoy some Bojangles

We didn’t have time for both…


And since we love our grandchildren 

who are kind and compassionate…and grand…

We made that difficult decision….


and we’re sure they’ll understand.

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