Do your parents ever talk to you…even when they’re not here…or they’re dead?

Do you sometimes, when you least expect it, hear their voices in your head?


When you need a soothing smile…when you’re feeling sad or blue

When you close your eyes can you see them…standing next to you?


When you have a difficult decision…a complicated choice

Do you hear their words of wisdom…or a sympathetic voice?


When something wonderful has happened…do you suddenly become aware

If only for an instant…they are smiling…standing there?


Do you wonder if it’s just your imagination…or could this fact be true

that your parents…even when they’re gone, are still a part of you.


Which means throughout your life…even times you’re on your own

when you stop and think about it…you will never be alone..


Because you’re parents even when their not around are acting in your stead

and you’ll be blessed throughout your life to hear their voices in your head…


So the next time you hear your parents…hear those old familiar sounds

Smile…knowing they are close by…even when they’re not around.


And if it’s any consolation…long after you are dead

your children, when they least expect it…


will hear your voices in their heads.

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