An old man and an old woman down an old river decided to float.

They opted to glide on inner tubes instead of in a boat.


In an inner tube, they heard…stress and troubles will decrease…

So in their inner tubes…on that old river…they searched for inner peace…


They were the only two on the river save for some geese and two fishermen

and somewhere along the river..they found their tubing Zen.


As they floated with the current through the straights and around the turns

They found the river is a good teacher…and there’s a lot to learn.


In a world where much of the of land is taken…every mountain, plain and hill

no one owns the river…and no one ever will.


On the river there’s no hurry…even though over obstacles the water climbs

you know eventually you’ll get there…they call it river time.


As you float along the river…you tend to forget any problems you have had

because in the middle of the river it’s impossible to be sad.


As you watch the waves, the trees, the sun…the clouds in the sky above

you realize how the river can teach us about love.


There are times when the river drifts apart…having different paths to weather

but the river knows there will come a time when it all flows back together.


The river understands how each part is important…no matter how big or small

for she knows that in the end….she is one river after all.


The river is quite confident in all the beauty she creates

And she knows, if you happen on her…the wonders that await…  


So if you happen to see an old man and woman…

floating on a river near some geese….

chances are,

if they’re on an inner tube…


they’ve found their inner peace..

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