I have often wondered when it comes to tears if I’m understanding them at all?

Is it brave to hold them back or more courageous to let them fall?


As we watch tragedies unfold in front of us…in our country every day

are tears a way to represent words we cannot say?


And long after the tragedy…when memories reappear

do these memories seep out of our eyes…are they what forms our tears?


When we remember those we loved…which reaction will we employ?

Will our crying be from sadness or will our tears be tears of joy?


I’m sure I do not know the type of tears that will be falling 

my guess is that depends on on which memories we’re recalling.


I imagine memories of the person we loved will constantly be aswirl

with memories of the tragedy that took them and changed our world.


Perhaps we do not need definitive answers as to why our teardrops fall

Perhaps we do not need a reason to understand tears at all…


Perhaps when we see tears cascading we need not think of why they flow…


We only need remind myself how the rain helps flowers grow?

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