Abraham Lincoln  saw it happening and tried to stop it…a nation getting out of hand

he knew a house divided against itself would not be strong enough to stand…


Today we are a country divided..no longer are we whole

America…which was once a melting pot…has somehow lost her soul


Our country was founded on the concept of freedom; it is at our core...our very heart.

yet this freedom…to be different…pushes us further and further apart.


Democrats, Republicans, Christians, Protestants, yes to guns, no to guns, Straights and Gays.

Black and White, Rich and Poor--we’ve allowed our differences to lead the way.


This in itself is not a problem, our differences make America a more interesting place

The problem arises when our differences…we fail to embrace.


And when I as an American think living in the land of the brave and the free 

means accepting as Americans only those who think and act like me.


I use to feel on the 4th of July…we could put our differences aside

and for one day…one moment…become a country unified.


But I no longer feel that way…for even on the 4th of July we’re not a country unified

we remain a country divided…the gap has grown too wide.


I used to love the 4th of July…as fireworks lit up the sky

when I thought of what this day meant…tears would fill my eyes


During this year’s celebration it was Abraham Lincoln’s words I was recalling

and the tears I wiped were for a house divided…and a country that is falling.


But I cling with hope to other words Mr. Lincoln said

knowing freedom would be filled with lows…and highs

He said:

I am not concerned that you have fallen…


I’m concerned that you arise.

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