We went to the beach to visit old friends…

up the Florida coat we were led.

We walked along shores that never end…

“It’s so beautiful here”, we said.


The sand, the sun, the breeze, the sea

all with the ability to entice…

caused Deborah to lean over and whisper to me…

“Could this be paradise?”


We watched their Vizslas run to and fro

jumping in and out of the sea

We sat together remembering a time not so long ago

when we ran as innocent and free.


We sat around the campfire

as daylight faded to black

with friends we both admire…

telling stores…looking back.


While watching colors light the sky

As the sun set in the west

we couldn’t help wondering how…and why

we could be so blessed.


Blessed with good friends sitting right over there,

blessed with days and nights of beautiful weather,

blessed with the ability not only to enjoy…but share

moments like these together.


Blessed to know when old friends reunite

it does not matter where…

love will permeate the night

and laughter fills the air


Sitting in the sand as the full moon rose

I realized the answer to Deborah’s query. 

Well, as I watched how on the water the moonlight glows

I formulated a theory


It’s not long walks along a shore that never ends

or the sun and sea that entice…

when you’re lucky enough to visit old friends


wherever you are….is paradise.

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