I didn’t think it possible…and at the time I thought it inopportune…

But in the early hours of the morning…I was awakened by the moon.


I tend to sleep less soundly these days…now that I’m a little older.

Perhaps that’s why I felt (or sensed) a moonbeam on my shoulder.


I opened my eyes as the moonbeam nudged me…

I eavesdropped on a gentle breeze

and outside my window the moon was full…

as it filtered through the trees.


It was still dark when I checked the time…It was only half past four

So I turned away from the moonlight…determined to sleep some more.


But her moonbeams were persistent…in the window they kept peeping

So I got up when I finally realized…I was finished with my sleeping.


I walked outside…the morning was brisk..

It was still too dark to see…

So I sat in a rocking chair and began to wonder…

what the moon would want with me?


When my eyes adjusted to the darkness

The mountains in front of me were aglow….

And I decided to linger awhile

on the porch and enjoy the show.


The moon was floating in a luminous sea…A mixture of dark and light…

And only the brightest stars in the heavens…were visible in the night.


As I sat alone in the silence of the morning

watching nature’s wonders drifting by

I understood what Shakespeare meant

when he said our souls are in the sky.


And I thought this is exactly what I needed

After a week filled with hate and sadness and sorrow…

And I secretly hoped in the back of my mind


to be awakened by the moon tomorrow.

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