I awoke this morning to silence 

save the croaking of a solitary frog.

The clouds had descended from the heavens

cloaking the mountain in a blanket of fog…


On this cool summer morning in September

with the fog spreading everywhere…

I’m reminded how the Earth is alive…

for her breath was everywhere. 


There is a calmness in the morning fog

all boundaries seem to cease…

There is a peace that overcomes us…

and there is beauty in the peace….


Some people may see sadness in the mist

as it envelopes every stream, every sapling, every log

But I see happiness and I wonder :

Would the sun seem as alluring…

if it wasn’t for the fog?


And isn’t life is a little like the fog…

The path ahead of us may not always be clear

But if we stop to enjoy the beauty of the walk

the answers soon appear.


I wish everyone could walk in the morning fog

because being shrouded on a stroll

and dancing in the misty solitude


is one way to find our soul.

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