I find tears mystifying…and without trying to be coy…

How is it the well supplying tears of sorrow is shared with tears of joy?


It’s true...sometimes we cry from happiness...

sometimes heartache is to blame...

But why, if we cry for different reasons, 

do all tears look the same?


And where does all this water come from? 

Is there an ocean in my eye?

Does my heart control the faucet?

Will the well ever run dry?


Are tears meant to help cleanse our souls?

Why do some tears seem to glow?

Does crying help grow seeds of happiness 

while dousing flames of woe?


Some of our tears are personal. 

Only we know where they come from

Other tears are universal

and are shared by everyone…


When chemicals are unleashed on innocent people

When a man with a gun walks into a school and makes people die…

tears flow from faces all around the world

and we are left to wonder why…


Why does this keeps happening?

Why does the world do nothing…but stand by?

Perhaps it’s time to act together

and do something more than cry.


If not…then tears of sorrow 

will forever cascade from our eyes…

the faucet will remain open


and the well will soon run dry.

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