My Grandfather's baseball card's Collection

My grandfather is one of the biggest fan of baseball game that I ever known, when he came to Monterrey to visit us, he always find time to go to the ball game from his favorite baseball team, Sultanes de Monterrey; he talks always about the things that are happening in the MLB. Throughout his whole life, he started to collect cards about everything that refers baseball; he has all types of cards, from the Major League Baseball, from the Mexican League and some stadiums. The cards are storage really well protected inside his security box, such cards have been part of our talks since I remember; my grandfather started to talk about his famous treasure; he told me that when he was young, he and his brother decided to play baseball in some type minor league team, he told us that he was one the worst players in his baseball team but my uncle Jorge played pretty well; yeah, my grandfather was bad at baseball, however he decided to continue in the game as a coach during a period of time, and then he discovers this special thing that full his life of happiness, when he get his first baseball card; a Yogi Berra card from the New York Yankees, his favorite US baseball team. In that moment he discovers his real passion and started to collect all kind of cards. He was really focused on getting each card he wanted. Then it came the time for the Christmas trip in 2010, when my family and I went to Aguascalientes, Mexico to celebrate the holidays with my grandfather and uncle. When we arrived, he started talking about the sports and of course his famous card collection; he went for his cards and shown them to all the family, the cards looked like new, like if time had not passed. I have the opportunity to touch and see them, at first, it was like there are only baseball cards, and they have no value. Until I discover that everyone in their life have something special that you feel identified. My grandfather is a really happy person as he described himself, because even though he was bad at baseball, he discovered the things that makes him feel special; finally he told me that he will give me his baseball cards collection when he passes away, because I am the only one that have the same feeling when speak about the ball game; in such particular moment I really understood how special things can be if you do it with real passion.

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