City of Joy


Ok, City of Joy has slums but certainly cannot boast type Mumbai Dharavi, an offshoot colonial legacy. Stubbornly hugged at like an award-winning heritage by obstinate embroils, feeding Boils. Chad Saudagar days who says Calcutta trace to only JC 300 yrs, backtrack? Ah! In myths, rest all lies. Please no archaic digs to rigid theories of historical Pops. Enmesh in wrangles challenge, simply not done!    

Calcutta daze, my school exterior changed colours.

Back green front is pink …

Delta conurbation spans imagination 1964 in school.

Is there reason, not love the slum I grew, picnicking with teacher in Eden Garden? 1967

Our songs we have when by chance together. Alumni

Divergent faith, yet each shot own prayer, yes, here. My school entry adorns.

Newspaper office Statesman shrinks circle, circulation too, heartburn.

Manual workers bunch a pause backdrop eatery T Room at FS & PS joint.

Existing ways, Park Street hawks, honest sunshine.

Shabby Free School Street is immaterial to jolly daylight.

At Park Street, cars puff. Today allow to game, hoarding shouts.

Those tram heydays reduced to ignominy.

Pressures to perform, Tramlines bend.

Basic bridge comfort pedestrian, nothing handsome.

So what if obsolete tuck beams!

Huh! Go we must, underground in Calcutta, yes only to move at ease.

Door to door, he collects discard and Cal kids dread his backpack.  

Why shamble tireless Calcutta? Sweep success wear smiles.

Urban Calcutta to God and Goddess, bow in humility.

Ethnic ways pay respect to them those gone, somewhere unknown.

Is it kitsch pleases Shiva? Temple, leafy flowers, coconut-husk smokes, yet holy.

Why do hitch? Pour sacred water cool the Lord of Spirit in Calcutta Shiva temple!

Bring together tradition and modern, Calcutta culture in a city mall.

City of Joy, Sunrise plucks glum sky and Slum-birds fly.

Clouds too embrace laughter and this is no fib from Calcutta.

Apology Showtime 4, 1/2 Deutsch variance, take at Central Calcutta intersection.

Garbage too ensnare multihued in ‘Jane bhi do yaar’ live and let live city.

Can one, blame attitudes ‘live and let live’ to my College and … tutoring?


Yes, I raise my hand ‘Marbo’- mock my native land those may. Take lightly the little girl. Oh! All might… but hit at consciousness is my sure target grown up…

Wish we had better sense of understanding each other… Healthy Competitions never sought rather our times, consumed by grotesque wastage, petty trifles, and rivalry, ‘I am better than you are’ blah!

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