Pick a Daily Circus Book-a-Cur

Pick a Daily Circus Book-a-Cur

Just about to think, they stopped malign campaign but that was a mistake for how could the descendants of a nasty torturing sect ever purify from the past crude and improper acrobatics.

Pick a daily circus; they did in the past centuries, poking, and hurting female from other shade. The method has changed to pick circus, the tactic too; it is but those under pretend procedural carry on with non-stop umbrella, pen drive vulgarism.  

These posers appraise the rude and ugly, who make digs at own modest unpretentious parents.

Hurling abuses to book-a-cur as win, on no one else but very own ancestors kith n kin. Call the same pangs of hunger and thus the parents keep reticent.

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