Cleanliness is next to Godliness

It is not about T. V. Soaps but soaps alright

As per earliest proof of soap, manufacture dates back relatively 2800 BC in Ancient Babylon. Around 2200 BC Babylonian Clay tablet scripted soap properties that held water, alkali, and cassia oil.

Ancient Egyptians habitually bathed with soapy matter, mix of animal and vegetable oils alkaline salts, Papyrus (Egypt, 1550 BC) specifies.

Confusion records soap in ancient Pompeii, with soapy mineral substance discovered in ruins. Strigil (metal scraper for body after oiling) method in Roman baths perhaps causes these doubts. My point is why is it not possible that both use existed?

Attribute name soap supposes to bogus Mount Sapo, Roman connection, its location unknown. Actually, soap making process involves cold process method, or hot process. Heat required for saponification in both cold process and hot process.

Purification and finishing removes sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, and glycerol brings finesse with Nanoscopic metals added for coloration and anti-bacterial properties.

Soaps, today, are offspring of historical Arabian soaps. Arabian soap was perfumed and colour, some of the soaps were liquid, and some solid. Special soap for shave sold for 3 Dirhams (0.3 Dinars) a piece in 981 AD.

Al-Razi, Persian chemist, documents on formulas for real soap. 13th century manuscript uncovered recently features more soap making techniques like, mix some sesame oil, a sprinkle of potash, alkali and some lime, bring to boil.

Industrial Revolution changed small-scale coarse soap production to commercial. In London Andrew Pears pioneered high quality, transparent soap in 1789.

Much later, 1960 personally remember Mommy’s fine Pears on skin, nostalgia havocs, like pounding grinding the soap with a mortar and pestle to produce soap powder, 1837.

Late eighteenth century, publicity drives, in Europe - U S encouraged awareness of the relationship between cleanliness and health making soap popular. Worldwide today, it is an integral part of health and hygiene.

Shobhaver Dosh

Jachhaey tai

Kutshit lokey kutsha rotaey

Noengra lagaey gaey

Tataey ki ashaey jaey?

Bhalo koraey

Snan korboito

Shaban maykhey


Shobhaver dosh

Paltaey ki? Bolo

Karuna koro Ishwar.

Koronako, hai hai!

© Ether

Habitual Flaws

Utter rubbish

Ugly public, unclean spreads

Dirt on body falls.

How does it concern?

Very well comfortable

Shall take a bath

Soaping fine

Body self!

Habitual fault

Never changes. Say

God be kind.

Do not hail or cry.

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