Symbolic begin

Bash the indi baba

Germ many

Protests forward

Ms Brassy to Germ

Many no fussy

It was classic

Yesterday evening

Nude intimidation

Very wordy

Discreetly cunning

Stomach churning

What hypocrisy

Watch the visions

Of Vi-visionaries

Note: Must add

Without the brother

Of Ravan - Lanka

Would not burn

His name was Vivision

Search for him -

These greedy saints

Along with love letters

They need bangles of love

To tie them into their own pain...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Posers are germs they are not friends - they are arrogant - wicked - openly threat - over pleasant evening get together - dig dig dig -- with your fibs - sick sick sick - take some Ayurvedic - Do not blame your conscience when it hurts your very action into a paid back by your very own coin...
We want no weapons wars sickness, there will be no takers of those lovely technology with plans for destructions - Thanks
So remember make merry discover new planets to travel and live let live

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