Eligible Man Suitable Interview


Champion at rounds, she was difficult to be glued to chair. Workplace before lunch that November, the telephone operator searched high and low locating her to convey the urgent phone call from her residence.

Immediately wanted at home, they were coming for final selections. Who were they? The very, to be life match, Party - shortcut, groom, and accomplice, consisting of his aunt, sister and …

Naturally, she rushed home, ‘at least she had to change into something social’ she thought taking off her white coat. No, she was not a doctor by profession but a corporate someone assisting administration in a hospital for the privileged.

Taking off from assignment that day, she hurried home to meet her destiny.

Group arrived timely, were obviously well treated by the girl’s family. They savoured the fancy epicure served to delight. It ended with accolade to tastes along exchanges of news, views, weather, and attitudes…

Time danced sun drenched outdoors. Bright dazzle into the room, thanks to those massive classic wooden windows, a blessing of all times, rid any type of claustrophobia.

Chitchat members, decided the suitable be given a chance in privacy to know each other, after impressions through their repeated preliminaries.

Fact, she needed no further familiarity, that her mind spread clear and the opposite party agreeing. All confirmed. What about caste differences; firing vintages, progressive families’ knew how to exercise capably.

Broad-minded aunts and groom’s sassy sister found it pertinent the two read with each other ... Done, both left by them, the rest huddled into the adjoining room. Much transpired there. Between, to be wed couple, as well.

Sun, bit too much into her eyes, she saw of his face, a shadow corpulent. He seated on the sofa and she on the Santiniketan-Mora the eligible man began his direct interview.

A few enquiries succeed stunning, ‘When you come with me, suddenly you will see foreign faces. Hope you will not walk away with them, from my life, leaving me in the lurch’ he voiced. Could she believe her ears?

Compressed notions nudged in flashes; collecting from jolt, she fed her conscience the same as to be a gaffe, and in that, as a disposition to match him, ‘Please do not bother, I shall only see your face always, and not see anyone else.’

Feeling silly at self, suitable man shifted instant to his next trifle questioning. Content he thought, ‘She is attractive, and smart, my colleagues at office are sure to envy my ethnic trophy from back home.’

Yet on for a second marriage, how juvenile the eligible man was, as if she had never seen aliens before. Nevertheless, she dismissed the funny feeling, giving her final nod to marriage.

Decision made both sides were happy and the very to be aunt in law much, because she mothered the eligible, after the three of them had lost their own parents.

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