Je Na Sais Quoi


Compare strength ups and down.

High and low, data flow

Wield power, markets watch.

Struggle inventories

Juggle around.

Money in money out

Bull Bear -- Battleground

Equity shares, hedge fund

Borrow lends transfer bonds

Finance episodes find.

No, risk no gain

Economists well trained.

Edge to edge mercantile

Mortgages streamline.

Business booms

Banks rank.

Swap, and barter, patrons

Industry, clientele, customers ring

Trade, manufacturing, buy and sell brings Stores roll

supply, reserves fling.

Moneymaking swings dash for cash.

Cumulative accumulate.

Spin off Profit leaps and bounds

Change hands holdings, royalties’ dividends Balance

sheets, bank, and brokerage Ignited power Stock


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