One of These Days

I sit in despair,

And wonder why you don’t care.

Why do you ignore me?

How can you not see?

One of these days your gonna love me,

And I know that’s gonna be.

Maybe you’ll regret all the hurt you’ve caused,

Maybe you’ll wished you had have stopped, and paused.

She sat there with her head hanging down,

While they called her names and made her frown.

She stood up and began to yell,

Told them all to go to hell.

She thought, one of these days your gonna love me,

And I’ll just wait for it paitiently.

Even though she cried a bit,

She still had to stand up and fight it.

I remembered when I was treated so unfair,

Then down my face rolled a single tear.

Then began to feel so sad,

Remembering all the pain, it hurt so bad

I sat and thought about my life,

Then I went and pulled a knife.

I went and held it to my wrist,

Then I realized I must resist.

Because one of these days before you love me,

I’ve gotta turn and learn to love me.

Even with a single candle light,

You and me will see I’m worth it.

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