It's hard to imagine what goes on in your head

When you are not lying next to me in bed

Do you even care where I am or who is with me

Or maybe out of sight out of mind is your remedy

I wish I could close the door for good sometimes

Instead my stomach still drops at every doorbell ring chime

Hoping you show, praying you'll you stay

Wishing you'd choose me as you turn and walk away

But you don't seem to understand the pain you bring

Or how harsh your words are, or how keen they sting

You go through life leaving  behind in your wake

A bitter sadness wrapped in crippling heartache

I wish you could see things, the way I see things

Like how your lies are addicting, and all the sickness they bring

You act like a victim so you can justify

And then wonder why I have to say goodbye

I wanted us to build a life

A fairy tale ending with me as your wife

But happily ever after is just for nursery rhymes

Never for me, at least not this time

Free to come and go as you please is how you act

But then blame me and say I overreact

Tears drop as I pack up your things

Wondering what now my future will bring

You made hollow promises but never kept your word

Your fragile fake words is all I heard

Why did you have to keep coming back

To rebreak my heart like a heart attack

There is nothing I wanted as much as you

But time will heal, at least I hope that's true

I am left with no answers, no closure, and no you

One day you may realize what I already know to be true

Hindsight is 20/20 so I'm sure in time you will see

I could have made you happy 

all you had to do was choose me. 


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