Avaloniad, 1: Garden Gift

Olives, their wood and oil have never been
of interest to me.  Wharf warehouses, tin,
spices and loans have been more profitable.
But, still, this garden is quite beautiful;
in this locale, that is unusual
among Jerusalem's vast, urban sprawl.
The trees look very healthy---ancient, tall,
and gnarled.  And fruitful?---yes?  What do they call
this place---the local name---Gethsemane?
The price is fair enough.  The property
has somehow, these few moments, smitten me;
such that I do not want to let it go.
I have had whims like this before, you know.
And they paid off well.  I think this will be a
gift for my wife.  Oh, yes?  Arimathea?---

she hailed from there . . . before.  Now she is home---

with her newborn, my fine stepson, in Rome.

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