my child everdearest

i wrote this letter

along with my hope to

patch your broken past

the past that i darkened

the past that my greed murdered

it was half of you life

im sorry

forgive me for choosing

a wrong path for you

for selling you out

forgive me for bashing you

wthout even getting

me provoked

forgive me for being your mother

fogive me for not being one

i want to tell you

how much i have suffered

regretting all the ill things

that i did to you

i admit

i treated you like dirt

like a worthless object

like nothing

oh how i miss your voice

the way you sang my songs

i miss the way you cared for me

being there when i was sick

being strong when i was weak

i miss them and you

despite the fact that i

ignored them before

i ignored them and you

my child everdearest

i am now hanging on

the shorter end of life

a testimony you proved

that time could heal

a testimony of my

own realization that

time could kill

i am old now and leaving soon

i have no more pride to encase me

would you let it too

for me to have

no more child to embrace me

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