Love doesn't Go Away


Love doesn’t go away


            Louis and Bertha both went to Paramount high school in Texas. They became friends in the drama club while preparing the production of “Peter Pan”. Louis immediately fell in love with Bertha when he heard her sing. Everybody knew that Louis loved Bertha, except her. Time passed, and soon they were in their senior year. Bertha had a boyfriend at that point, which caused her not to see or talk too much with Louis because his boyfriend was jealous of him. Later on, Bertha discovered the love Louis had on her, however she couldn’t do anything, because she was already engaged.


They both lived their separate and happy lives. Louis never got married, he was a successful business man, who played cricket on the afternoons. Bertha got married with his high school boyfriend, and had four children. As they got older, Louis retired from his business and Bertha became a happy grandmother.


Soon, Bertha’s husband became very ill and passed away. Louis was in Paris when this happened, the moment he got the news, he flew to Bertha’s hometown, Seattle. He told her he had loved her forever since high school, and he would never stop doing so. This is how Bertha and Louis ended up together, proving that true love never goes away.


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