The End of the World

One upon a time, there was a place in the center of the world that was full of snow all year long. Although the temperatures were extremely low, there was a great variety of animals living there, however they were the only living organisms in Earth (no plants and no humans). Everyone got along really well, except for this ladybug named Nicole. She was always bitter because she hated her black dots; she had always tried to hide them with snow, or by painting them and washing them, but nothing worked. She envied the rest of the animals that were plain-looking. She didn’t want to talk or be friends with anybody because she was always jealous and bitter despite other animals invited her to hang out.

One day, Nicole fell in love with a deer called Bambo, which was very respected and admired among all species. Bambo was always busy with his jobs and activities, so whenever Nicole tried to talk to Bambo, the deer always left to some appointment. Nicole thought that Bambo wasn’t interested in her because of her black dots.

One day there was a big party in the village, where Nicole was hoping to finally talk to Bambo and meet him. When arriving at the party, Nicole found Bambo flirting with Natasha the dolphin; Nicole went very upset and jealous and decided to go with the wizard of the village, Hippodeus, to find a way to finally attract Bambo’s attention. The next morning Nicole went to the Hippocave, where Hippodeus lived, and sat down with him at his office. Nicole explained to the wizard her desires, and Hippodeus explained to her that this could be solved with a spell, but it would be extremely risky to perform it due to its dangerous power. Nicole second-thought her wish, however she told Hippodeus to proceed with his spell. The ladybug got out of the cave and went to sleep, hoping to wake up seeing every animal with her ugly dots.

Hippodeus made a tiny mistake while making his spell and instead he turned everybody into chocolate chips.


Nicole woke up and went out to see if Hippodeus had successfully achieved his spell, but to her surprise, she only saw chocolate chips all around. Nicole went in panic, and immediately regretted her desire to place dots in every animal. She noticed she was turning brown little by little, then becoming extremely stiff; in a blink of an eye she became a chocolate chip too. This is how every living thing disappeared, ending the world with nothing but chocolate chips.

Nicole Lomelín

Javier De la Fuente

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