Please Stop... Don't Go


I see you're leaving early again

I wish you'd stop as I count to ten

The music's gone and the light begins to fade

I'm tortured now and the glass will start to break


What we have is nothing but grass

Starts so green but will never last

All we love to do is pretending

Each night, you come and go as you please


I told myself the truth a million times

But they'd be gone when I look at your eyes

I may forever be blind and accept the lies

But I never want you to go and say goodbye


I hate you for all the things you do to me

But no one ever made me feel this way

I beg you please come back and just be right here

Please stop, don't go even just for today


Only in this little while

Please stay even one more time

Don't leave me alone tonight

Don't say one hurtful goodbye


Please stop, don't open the door

Don't go, don't make these tears fall

If you stop, heaven will take me

If you go, hell awaits for me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"PLEASE STOP... DON'T GO" is my poem that is influenced by Taylor Swift's Come Back... Be Here in her Red album. It's about needing someone that you don't want him ever to leave your side

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