Silent Night [Freestyle]

No one is speaking tonight; the world seems to be in one of those silent modes where everything stops for everyone except you. It's sad, like a piano with broken chords... A voice with no volume... A pen without ink... A mind without thought.

"Do you (will you) [ever] think about me (miss me)?"

No. I'm buried in years of ash. Rest in peace... May their souls never be as corrupt as mine. I wish and wish for my fire to return... To no avail, it was stolen from my heart the night you left. I still have your picture in the frame... I still hear your footsteps down the hall... What's the point?

"Do you (can you) [ever] hear me (listen)?"

No. I'm muted out by the shouts and cries of a hundred girls before me... The thousands with the size 6 waist, D cup breasts, and phony personalities. I'm the faded picture. The one in the ripped jeans in the back of the room, dirt smudges on her cheeks and knotted hair. I'm no porcelain doll. I'm no trophy for your mantle. I'm nothing for you to show off... I'm no ego boost for you.

"Oh, I wish this night (these thoughts...) was (were) [deafly] (so very) silent..."

I'd be standing in the streetlight with my backpack at my feet, ready to move on... Staring at the stars and taking in the wonderful silent night.

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