How Everyone Luckily Listened


Bells springing.

Missed two people.

I met him and

Shouting for attention calmed them.

Wearing a dress hoped it ended.

Tried to embrace the distance and fell.

Surrounded by challenges absorbed what came through furry

Sitting down holding on, they would push and laugh.

Understood the silence but tried to cath up with body.

Everyone's struggle would splash an image of a crowd standing together.

Trying to secure something imobile and they hated each other caring, receiproacating.

She hopped on the bus and he teased her. She grew confused. "Change?"

The struggle rushed but that did not mean it would defeat the strengh formed

I started baing school in an effort to escape and exist and I loved, fuel.

And the stories would chase and resurface in the rooms which housed students. They gave colors

And then came the dark wardrobe that casted emptiness through unintneded starvation, an opression that deeply sank

It would fill the air with the smell of garbage. The vast air. Five sat to the left

Shen then roamed finally taking a fresh breath wearing her short curly hair out embracing her independence though smart embrancing one's body embracing the feelings that came along it was liberating as seen through my eyes and someone's eyes and the air englufed knowlege and accepting feelings that had to be accepted it didnt matter if there was pain or processing took the first step armed with knowlege, enhaling what was inside and outside, looking at hope and despair, whatever comes along blazing

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