The Long Road Ahead

The long road is winding but more so the talk;

I should try never to run before I can walk.

So much anticipation for a time that will never arrive.

There are many other things coming that I’ll need to survive.


But none quite as dangerous as affairs of the heart.

But where to begin; it’s best to begin at the start.

Do I indulge my true thoughts, try to stay with the pace?

Do I try to finish first; Ha; I’m not even in the race?


Afraid to look and afraid not to,

Afraid of what’s looking back; of what will ensue,

The road is getting bumpy; but not yet unbearable.

It may be still become smooth and inviting, yet terrible.


How deep do I go? It really doesn’t matter.

It’s like climbing a tall building without a tall ladder.

I sometimes fool myself, but I don’t think I’m a fool.

But I’m not very good at playing it lose or playing it cool.


There’s a curve up ahead, we must go ‘round to see,

I already know what’s there, waiting for me.

I’ve seen it before in many forms and disguises,

It’s better to have cared deeply, and still lose all the prizes.

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