Zombie Torch

utmost desire coming down to the midnight wire
shooting desire on the tapestry to hope to taste
love is sin heelp to begin coffee ring cyclone sting
beggar trace make no mistake patterns to help see the sun
rainbow when evening falls she'll come to me soft and warm to touch the face
we believe we touch the rainbow right away to the sun on ships of wonder
lives not unreal we'll count the door...,

Dio left to meet the tempo here we go
outside when winds collide,
we near believe we shall touch the rainbow
the lights not the wheel from shades made of steal count the door

venture through a haze...,
there's a distant light it's all right
sail above the sky
shadows flock the sane debris

love is taunt to you peace to the world take you to the star
Rainbow slow to fountain
close the door to reality
best fits the zombie clock