As I sat in the back

with as usual of course

my head in a book

head phones playing my tunes

I am in a world of my own

thoughts fill my mind

what awaits us when we arrive

miles fly by my head in the clouds

words that just will not sit still

the miles fly by the scenery changing as we roll

from large cities with many bright lights

calling to those that suffer from the pull

of a life of darkness and pain

to the small rural communities

that have just a hand full of people

now that is what calls to me

miles fly by as I close my eyes

falling into the world I want to live in

miles fly by and we pull in

finally I lay eyes on my life again

as the people I love come to greet me

I thank God for them each day

for they are what life is all about

love them in spite our themselves

miles fly by just like our lives

with each beat of our hearts

so give those you love a hug today

and let them know how you feel

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