hair like golden corn silk

eyes huge azure marbles

little glasses frames spun from gold

smile as sweet as the smell of puppies breath

an angel straight from the hand of God

devouring a single page from a stack of books

his thrist for knowledge evident in his expression

title that some of might think strange

"Snake In The Toliet", "Your Mummy Is A Nose Picker"

should we question his tastes after all he is young

or just bask in the glory of a child that reads.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I go to Barnes and Noble some Friday nights... we have one hour of free music... and it is a nice way to sit and spend time...

this past Friday night... March 23, there was the cutest little blonde boy sitting behind me... and he inspired this poem in me....

I take my hat off to him and his parents... for if he reads at his young age.... then he will be better off for it....

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