it takes place every day

right up under our nose

we don't even notice it anymore

could be a time warp in which we are froze

no matter what the reason

it still makes no sense

why you choose to live

with someone that makes you so tense

you hurt those that really love you

for we know he could get a shit

hon you know you gotta leave

if he raises his hand to hit

he loves you that is what you think

i know it is what he tells you

i hurts me to say that i think it's time

hon, for you to get that clue

i am sure he tells you, you are worthless

and that you are lucky that you have him

well i have heard it said a thousand times

his lights are on but they are mighty dim

so just take a minute to let your mind think

about the times in the not so long ago past

did he love you when he kicked you to the curb

oh and i know the fights for you were a blast

well i know that you will do what you want

thank god it is not my decision to make

may god bless you with the insight

and the courage for the first step you take

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for a sister of a friend.... they know who they are....

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