As I sit here listening to the news

there is nothing I care to hear

images of horror and death

no matter where I turn my head

tears cried in terror

tears cried in shame

no one's absorbing

the meaning of these tears

bombs exploding

gunmen on the run

people laying in pools of blood

camara's get a close up of all the dead

to have something like this happen

when I am just living my daily life

standing in line at bank

even traveling, just another of my fears

news like this cause that sinking feeling

the one in the pit of my stomach

it makes me what to just cry out


but life goes on just one more day

the news growing more violent

are we about to see the end of time

how much more of this can we stand

I hope we get it together real soon

for I still have things to see

I look forward to the day

that all the news is good

but I am not going to hold my breath.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

let's get it together....

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