Once a beauty born to humble surroundings

raised before a world with no way of understanding

the complexity of one so talented.

She was known as Marilyn Monroe

her name to her family was Norma Jean.

She lead many different lives

no wonder she had such a hard time keeping up.

Taking something to help her wake up,

just alittle something extra to help her sleep.

All given under a Dr.'s care but how did he know

she was prone to forgetting if she had taken her meds or not.

A voice so soft how could one hear her asking for help.

She never really thought she was a sex symbol

she just thought of herself as an actress.

The mere mention of her name can bring forth some vivid images.

What is the first thing you see when you hear the name Marilyn?

Is it the close up of her now famous pouty lips?

Then there is always the old stand by

the image of her standing over the air grate with her skirt flying up

her little girl hands trying hard or maybe not so hard to keep it down.

She was such a star, one that was not ment to burn forever.

A star that burned much too quickly some might think,

what sort of part would she play now?

Would she still be the pretty lady, with the shy and soft voice.?

I think that she would be living some where with no ties to her old life,

her life as the one and only Marilyn Monroe, she fought so hard to become that person.

If she were alive today, she would be fighting with all she has to try and out live her legend.

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