I sit here almost every day,

looking at these things in different ways.

I have a seventeen inch monitor you see,

all aroung the edges are things for just me.

I have post it notes here and there,

with names of people that write with flair.

On top of this monitor a few things you will find,

a beannie baby bulldog from a friend that is so kind.

There is that fuzzy little dude with giggly eyes,

while I sit here each day the time sure flys.

When time came for me to leave the last job I had,

oh those folks were not happy, guess they were mad.

They gave me a party with gifts and a cake.

When I think about it my heart wants to break.

On top of the cake sat two little motorbikes,

I use to hang out with Harley people and the like.

The little red one has a R5 one the side,

the other one has CP, for Chance Puppy they say with pride.

I love those guys and really miss them sometimes,

I really think of the office when I roll my dimes.

There is taped to one side a picture of RW's boys,

they are so cute I know I am going to send them some toys.

The there is the pics of my nephew Tyler man,

oh these little boots and that smile, I'm his biggest fan.

Last but not least I have my Christmas pick the Grinch,

you know he is really something, can make you laugh in a pinch.

Well there you have it my friends one of my favorite places,

people and things in my heart held in loving embraces.

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