Well here at my house it is time for the tree.

It came out of storage for the world to see.

We live in an apartment so that might be hard to do.

But I can take pictures and share them with you.

My sweetie is out cleaning so that it will look just right.

This is a small place so things tend to fit sort of tight.

He is like a man with a mission and can't be side tracked.

In his mind is drawn his simple plan of attack.

Stay out of his way while he gets this job done.

Believe me until it is finished he will be no fun.

This will be our frist Christmas spent together.

So there is no telling what might things might occur.

I look forward to the opening of gifts.

The complete transformation as his spirits lift.

He will have something special this year under the tree.

If you only knew what it was I know you would agree.

This will be one of those that makes him shake his head.

I think that I will wrap this the something bright red.

To make him wonder and spend time thinking about this.

Shit to me that is what I call Curious Christmas bliss.

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