It was just a regular day

when the wildest thing came my way

I had a chance to get out of town

get rid of the blues stop being down

it ended up a nasty mess

when I explain you'll know the stress

it happened just like this

I got screwed and no kiss

oh what fun it was to be

they lied, lied to me

I thought it was going to be fun

sort of like two women on the run

just two wild and free souls

oh but her voice took its toll

she was nothing but your everyday bitch

I broke out and man did I itch

I did it all, the driving and decisions

her anger like that of female lions

with all that I had to deal with

I just knew it was no longer a myth

she was no fun at all I tell you

after this weekend in hell I bid her ado

hoping it was over with not one worry

then the phone rang and I was sorry

I let it ring and ring some more

I had decided not to be your driving whore

so take that you silly lady, I am not crazy

for me there is no more driving miss lazy

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