I have a job with my poetry,

I keep a journal so to speak,

with the words I pen,

I also try to keep up with those that read my work,

each time I sit for hours to get straight this book,

that started out as a sort of small notebook type thing,

now it has taken the shape of two large three binder heavy duty notebooks,

the more it grows, the more room I need, and as soon as I get it all straight,

I rush to my keyboard, to see if I can't come up with something new to add,

then one inspires another, so I sit and just keep on writing,

until the next thing you know, its hours to get it straight again,

My partner does what he can to help, he'll sit for hours at a time,

reading the works I've written at times, he could not proof read,

he is good about pointing out, the typos that these fingers make,

and I love the way he does it, like each letter means something to him,

my poetry takes some of our time together, but then gives it back three fold,

so I keep on writing and you keep on reading and my partner and I will spend more time together.

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