In her world, she sits in semi-darkness,

at a desk that is painted black,

royle purple is used as a background of sorts,

eyes cast upon symbols that are ment for only her,

value that she can only see, simple items and gifts,

to the left a wood block from the beach of Santa Cruz,

just junk to most, but to her, a memory captured in time,

atop the piece of wood, happy meal toys,

three dinosaurs that look as through ready to pounce,

books and CD's to help with ideas and expressions,

amethyst are every where you look, rough and clean,

African Violet sits under the light, growing strong,

tiny chickens from a trip to Tahoe, a cross from a friend,

a lady cut into a piece of glass, picture from home,

two little Boston Terriers, looking on in amazement,

Native American Indian objects that have only meaning to her,

a piece that she crossed stitched, message about the web of man,

oh, a from a trip with a friend there is the real VooDoo doll,

purple once again highlighting these special things,

the stick figure that we made at work, just something to pass time,

the monitor severs as a shelf, for a bull dog beannie baby,

then the two motorcycles that were on a cake,

then there is Mr. Fuze ball with eyes,and little red feet,

many different "Jacks" in bendable plastic,

Pez dispensers among the things that she finds comfort in,

sometimes its where she gains the inspiraton to write from her heart,

the lastest addition to the objects of love and thoughtfullness,

three new pics of her nephews, oh what a joy to see,

she has these pictures taped to the bottom of her monitor,

she can look at the beaming face of an innocent child,

and hey, that is really cool thing indeed,

well now you know the things that are in her world,

sort of look inside her head, hope that you feel you know more,

hope you that you have a space like hers,

where you can retreat from the world for a while,

with these things sitting around every where that she looks,

then she will make it through one more day.

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