Let me share somethings

that you may or may not know,

I feel that this world we live in

is just about to start the show.

There have been weird things

happening all up under my nose.

Today it was put into perspective,

and let me say.... it smelled of no rose.

On Tuesday history was in the making

things keep happening that seem so strange.

Like my printer went all hay wire,

preferences some how were changed.

So I ask you to think about this,

are you having the same sort of event?

If you are then hold on tight,

could be the inter workings of the government.

One never really knows what goes on,

behind those huge mahogany doors.

Decisions made with out even one thought,

the meaning behind words from our ancestors.

Computers are crashing, programs all messed up....

take care if you will, when you are reading your email......


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