Lady In Glass

I have a lady in glass,

she sits in front of my keyboard.

She is talking with the wind God,

asking for no death from his sword.

She is dressed for the hunt,

to help her people survive,

she must find the food,

to help them thrive.

She asks for help from the wind,

he is only happy to help her out.

See he is always there with a hand,

never have any doubt.

The sunset is that of purple, royle in hue,

making it look like the calm before the storm.

She gets her wish this time, could it be a fluke,

or dreams from a night spent in a haze of chloroform.

You be the judge, should she get her way,

think about this, take your time, no need to hurry,

she will be here from now until time runs out,

there is smiply no need for worry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

poem about a special gift I received from Tim... thank you for the wonderful gift..... she is wonderful

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