While out and about last night,

looking for some where to be.

Seems that ol' post poems was down,

which made me jumpy, like a flee.

I checked out some other sites,

kept coming back to the home front,

Only to find some mean old words,

that hurt my eyes, so I let out a grunt.

I am glad to know, we found the keys,

to a door that openly swings wide.

For I have found the best of folks,

and invite them to come inside.

The life of Renee' can be really wild,

people say that it is just my sign.

But I have to say, well really confess,

the poets here, I have really taken a shine.

They are always here, it seems to me,

just when I need them the most.

And it's not always the same ones each time,

depends on the time I'm here, or maybe just which coast.

Last night I had so many real talks,

with names I read on my screen everyday.

It started out the same each time,

but ended up in different ways.

So for those of you that I talked with last night,

you will never know the meaning of each word.

But I for one know the depth and thought,

behind the evening I received the greatest reward.

So thank you for taking the time,

from your own personal lives.

To keep me entertained for a time,

to think about how to survive.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

thank you for those of you that I talked with last night.... it was a long and stressful one..... your words where just what I needed.... thank you for being there......

for the title... these people are some of the greatest souls I have ever been around... and I think due to PostPoems being off line for a while ... it gave me a chance to talk with these people that I email and read there works.... although talking over a computer is not the same as sitting and talking face to face.... it is sure better than not talking at all.....

thanks again.... you are Da Bomb...

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