Oh, this day will be YUCKY!!!!

No one to talk to, nothing in which to play.

Shoot this work day is boring and sucky!!!!!

Oh, what a long and drawn out day.

Thank God this weeks is almost over.

For that I am doing the happy dance.

To be in the country fields of clover

would make me happy if I could just get that chance.

And now they want me to work Saturday, yeah right!!!!

I hate it for them but I have already made plans.

Come Saturday this chickie will be long out of sight,

I'll be at the Jazz Fess way up in the stands.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have put in over 10 hours over time this week... LOL... and I still have one more day to go... so I hate it for them but I am NOT working this weekend....LOL.... hope that you like this one... and should it not make sense... well I have been going in at 5 am.....

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