Eddie... well he was the one,

walked away with all the money,

has some to spend on his German honey,

money to help his family out.

Josh... now a well know young man,

sweet smile, a really cutie pie,

he is smart like a fox, boy he is sly,

won my heart pretty much from the start.

Curtis... to become a federal prosecutor,

somber when need be, a laugh we will remember,

won a night at the Grammy's, limo and chauffeur,

although he came in third,he still walked away a winner.

These were the final three in the Big Brother contest,

in my book of people, all three came out a winner,

and they could all make a grown woman purr,

that is just how I see it, great ending to a wild show.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is what I think of the winners of the Big Brother contest...

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