Wild and Hyper

there was something strange,

about the way he looked,

i think that he should have been

in detention and booked.

he was wild and hyper,

and just down right mean,

he was pushy and loud,

the sort you may have seen.

he was not with an adult,

with some other young kid,

when he chased a little guy near us,

you will never guess what my man did.

he asked if there was something wrong,

that he could not behave right,

if he had to act silly,

he should take it out of our sight.

the kid acted liked,

believe he could not,

what had just happened,

his act had been shot.

so to his friend he turned,

and said something weird,

not sure what it was,

but i bet he is no longer feared.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about a kid that we saw in McDonalds. He was just too much for us.

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