Take a moment if you will,

quiet your mind, holding thoughts still.

Try to imagine ........




for your loved one to just be alive.

The thought of the young men that have lost their lives.

Just doing what they thought right.....

I pray that their lives were not lost in vain.

I pray for God to help their families with the pain.

To lose a loved one in such a horrible violent way,

there are no words of comfort that one can say.

They say it was a despicable and cowdardly act.

Never doubted that for a moment and that's a fact.

They never had a chance it all happened so fast.

Lives lost forever with a sudden explosive blast.

My heart goes out to all families and each friend.

The hand of love and sorrow we should extend.

The USS COLE needs time to put this in perspective.

I hope one day we know and understand the motive.

So take a moment if you will,

quiet your mind, holding all thoughts still.

Say a prayer for all the men that were left behind,

to deal with the loss and understanding the answers they find.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

in memory of all the sailors that lost their lives in the recent attack on the warship USS COLE..... may their lives not be lost in vain

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