We have one here that is very talented.

And I just had to write something about him.

A rose at night such a beauty,

making the breakup seem like burning cd's.

We know that she was a sweet deciever.

Is God there on the tragic morning?

Lost looking in lonely imagine the honest hug.

Home, hope, happiness,false knowledge found in an empty inbox.

Remember the rain on the island, in the park and on the tree.

Words to be written about an unhuman unloved but loveable.

Trouble free voice lesson fill him with pride.

Freedom for a free man the thought of sad looks and suicide.

Should I sick of life get on with life meaningless love story?

Sun shine is a monument for me engulfed in the temporary chaos.

About you aimless blabbermouth crying for the disgraced man.

I don't want to love but I must,I gardened the paper flowers.

I open a window, watch paranoid schizophrenic perfect people dancing downtown.

Depression, disbelief death of a poet and death of a star fill me with frustration.

Love,love faith God, love hate death, love is maturity and a cruel one like cold icecream.

My piano and I play Rhapsody in RW simple pleasures like a daydream or Ode to Olive.

Cheer up CTC, bad hair day repeat repeated repeating the sweetner of second sight.

Forgettable alphabetic jumble quietly we speak of physics of the atom blue and great expectations.

Center of my mind come lie with me you piece of human waste in a independence day ballad.

Bursting with happiness Ditto dog's life makes a challenge haiku about a childhood memory.

A regret haiku what I saw heard said flies a flag for Emily goodnight and thank you.

These are just words found deep inside Hawksquaw's dream.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have used the title of Malc.... he is just so talented... I just had to let him know that I love his work... and this is just a tribute to the things he has posted here right now....

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