My Bestfriend And Mom

My mom had the sweetest angelic face.

She grew up a tomboy but still had grace.

She meant absolutely everthing to me.

She now lives with angels from pain she's free.

She was my mom, adviser and friend.

When she died I thought my world would end.

She had been sick for several years.

The loss of your mom can bring on many fears.

I finally faced mine and started to grow.

Now I think I understand or think I know.

She is now in a much better place.

When I die at her side she's saved my space.

I loved her so much all of my life.

When I lost her the pain in my heart was like a knife.

She's gone now, and we remember her still.

And memories of her make me feel better and always will.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for my mom.... she was all that a daughter could ever ask for in a mom.... I love you and miss you mom.....

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