Have you ever known someone

that was making a big mistake?

Someone you really care for,

but your happiness for them fake.

You want so badly to scream

"Hey, run get away!"

"Don't stop to think about

this farce of a wedding day."

Why do people do this?

It seems such a shame.

To him it's very real,

to her it's all a game.

For now I sit and watch this,

keeping my mouth tightly shut.

Marriage for them all to soon

will become some horrible rut.

They should have a friendship,

or something on which to build.

Marriage is not that easy,

even if you are strong willed.

She wants to live the 'american dream'

husband, kids, dog and picket fence.

When what she should really do,

is grow up and get some sense.

But they will go on with this,

and all involved will be hurt.

He will continue to do his thing,

and she will continue her art of flirt.

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