He is loved by all his friends and family.

They are highly concerned for his safety,

stationed on yet another ship in harmsway.

I ask that you close your eyes and say a prayer.

To be in a war where we are trying to win that is one thing.

Finding ones self in a country, fighting for thousands of years.

That is something that I don't understand and I guess I never will.

Too many have lost their lives, this is senseless violence.

What can we as americans do to make them see,

make them see it does not matter how many they kill.

It will not make this problem go away, it never will.

I hope that no more young men and women have to die.

To die for your country is something we are taught,

taught all of our lives, something to be proud of.

I feel that might be right, only if you die for something

worth fighting for, freedom, the right to be treated as a human.

There is a young man in the middle of all this.

He is a jet piolt, on yet another ship,

and he is a nephew of one of our own.

Please pray for this young man David.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just thoughts about how I feel about all this crap going on ..... and written for one of our own here.... we have a jet pilot that is in this... so we have to get join in our thoughts and prayers that this young man.. his name is DAVID.. is returned to his family... safe and unharmed... thank you for your time in reading this one.... may God watch over all of our men and women that have found themselves in this mess....

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