"Oh, is your bacon beef bacon"?

I happened to over hear her ask.

Seems they make it out of anything I reckon.

Now that is something I tell you.

Use to be bacon was made from only pork.

Now it comes from turkey or maybe chicken.

I eat mine with my fingers, I don't use a fork.

To me it is the best of breakfast meat.

These days when you order up your food.

God only knows what exactly your getting.

Sometimes it can really put me in a mood.

To pay that heafty price for something nasty.

So feel free to order up and take that chance.

Hope you enjoy and not end up with regrets.

Look before you eat, take more than just a glance.

Maybe when you leave you will go home and not to the ER.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired from something over heard while I was eating breakfast.

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